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The professional compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius can be harmonious if they overcome initial glitches. Aquarius compliments certain aspects of Aquarius such as money, partnership, finances and profitability. Money will play a definite part in this compatibility with a strange and mysterious aura around it. Cancer will trust and confide in Aquarius concerning all money matters.

Aquarius stimulates Cancer’s interest in Business and finances. Cancer will want security and will be receptive to all professional ideas supplied by Aquarius. Aquarius will highlight professional acumen of this association. Partnership between Cancer and Aquarius will prove to be profitable. The compatibility will positively revolve around money, finances, possessions, profit, benefits, and success. With Aquarius in combination of Cancer, there will be stress on materialistic approach. Cancer will indulge Aquarius in profitable means of self-expression. This professional combination will be mutually profitable. Their ruling planets will also bring a sense of adventure at their work place and work.