Marital Compatibility AstrologyMarital Compatibility

This marriage combination is speckled by a heavy duty electric and excitable amalgamation. Aquarius will seek his/her Cancer partner’s help to obtain an emotional status quo. The marriage of Cancer and Aquarius will help them in an excited exploration and have lots of exhilarating adventures. Only if Aquarius settles down his tantalizing vibrations to soothe his/her soul, this marriage will be pulled across beautifully. But one problem will always persist. While Cancer will be vouching for deep and unshakable family relationships, Aquarius will aspire for freedom. The physical relationship between them will be passionate and exciting. If not very scintillating, at least there will be few fireworks every now and then. Variations in the thought processes of both the natives can eventual transform the initial excitement exhaustion and exasperation. There will be not much settlement in this marriage.

Aquarius will visualize their domestic harmony supported by real affection. Cancer will be attracted to Aquarius but it will not be always obvious.
During domestic clashes, Cancer will be loud and cry hoarse. But Aquarius will just seethe silently and sneer. Aquarius will often feel detached in this marriage whereas Cancer will try best to connect this marital tie through emotion.