Romantic Compatibility AstrologyRomantic Compatibility

In this romantic compatibility, Aquarius will be fun loving whereas Cancer will be susceptible. This will keep the duo wide apart. The Cancer will be more expressive and steady than Aquarius to find new adventures in this romance. Aquarius, when in love, will share the romantic saga with almost one and all. But Cancer will remain satisfied by just being himself and by introspecting his/her romance within his own mind and soul. Cancer will pursue the romance and romantic outings with a conventional and traditional taste. Aquarius will be simply opposite.

The Cancer’s emotional needs will often ask for dose of love and affection. But Aquarius will abstain him/herself from any kind of emotional requirements. The eccentricity of Aquarius will often hinder the shifty moods of Cancer. There are numerous odds against this romantic compatibility combination. The only way to overcome all odds is to be compliant towards needs and emotions of one another. The Aquarian will explore all romantic promises and commitmnets before taking a firm decision. The conservative and traditional nature of Cancer will detest this exploration and will wait endlessly to get that drama over.