The Best Gifts for Pisces Men

Gifts for Pisces MenPisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac calendar and includes people born between 20th February and 20th March. This sign is synonymous with creativity, imagination and versatility – traits to which you can appeal when choosing gifts for Pisces men.

Romantic gifts

More often than not, Pisces are incurable romantics. To a Pisces man, a love affair should be redolent with the perfume of romance – in fact he is quite likely to sweep you off your feet to the land of the happily-ever-after and make you feel like the princess of a fairy tale. You can return the favor by choosing a gift that is romantic and sentimental. A book of love poetry can make for a highly cherished to a Piscean lover – if he has classical tastes, choose from Sonnets of Shakespeare or the sensuous Odes of Keats. A lover with more modern tastes can equally luxuriate in the love poetry of Pablo Neruda or . Timeless favorites in the genre of romance novels like Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe or even the Idylls of King Arthur from the lyrical pen of Tennyson can move your Piscean guy to immerse in bygone tales of love, heroism and romance. And while you are searching the shelves of bookstores, stop by the fantasy section as well since few things excite a Pisces man as much as novels from the fantasy genre or a book on dream interpretation and other mystical works. In fact you can even consider an annual membership for a library or a book club as gifts for a Pisces since reading is one of the things he enjoys most. For an audio-visual appeal though, you can gift him with DVDs of romance epics like Gone with the Wind or a more contemporary exploration of complexities of love as in The English Patient or The Reader.

Creative gifts

Pisces is an extreme creative sign – blessed with a vivid imagination and idealistic heart, both men and women of this zodiac are immensely gifted in creative pursuits. Thus a great way to warm their hearts would be to make a gift of something that you have made with your own hands and especially for them. It could be something as simple a love poem that you have penned for your Pisces man or it could be a song that you have written and composed for your man – in either case copy them out on classy handmade paper and tie it up with a satin ribbon; you can even spritz on some of your signature perfume to heighten the sense of romance. However if all this is too mushy for your taste, look for something useful but creative that you can do with your hands – for instance knitting a woolen scarf for your Pisces dad or baking scrumptious start-from-scratch cookies for your Pisces son. These make great gift ideas for other men in your life but which are equally appreciated by someone with a typical Pisces soul.

Appeal to their versatile interests

Yet another remarkable trait of the Pisces man is his versatility. They are so often thought to be dreamy and idealistic that this very special quality is lost on others. However if you have been acquainted with a Pisces man for some time, you may already know him to be a good swimmer, work in a major publishing house, cook Thai food as a hobby as well as play the clarinet on weekends. Luckily for you, a Pisces man’s versatile skills mean that you can look at several places to get him a cherished gift. Pick up a CD collection of his favorite genre of music or chart-topping numbers of his favorite band. Or else choose a distinctively aromatic and woodsy fragrance like L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme to complement his romantic and imaginative personality or the best-selling Acqua di Gio by Pour Homme to appeal to his love of aquatic delights – the Pisces is a water sign after all, and nothing will please him more than this feeling of summery, aquatic freshness. Then again a bottle of Bordeaux red or sparking champagne could be a perfect way to celebrate your Piscean’s special day since there is something about fine wines that seems to complement their creative personalities.

Travel destination

Since the typical Pisces loves nature and frequently longs for a break from routine life, what better gift for this guy than a vacation of his choice. Being a water sign, the travel destination naturally favored by a Pisces would be a palm-fringed beach lapped by the waves of the sea, a lake in the midst of mountains that mirrors the overhead blue or a resort by the side of peacefully flowing river – essentially a place that exudes romance and beauty but most of all one that is not run over by loud tourists. One of the needs of a Pisces is solitude and though they are not fiercely independent like the Sagittarius or deviously secretive like the Scorpio, too much of noise and chaos disturbs the peace-loving Pisces.

Other gift options on the water theme would be a voucher for sailing lessons at the local harbor or a whale-watching cruise on a sunny day. You can even combine the aquatic and romantic theme into treating your Pisces to a fancy dinner on a luxury yacht, replete with a candlelit tables and playing soft music in the background.

Pamper their feet

Finally keep in mind that the zodiac sign of Pisces rules the feet – quite fittingly according to some experts since they bears the weight of the entire body or the zodiac on their feet. So any gift that pampers this part of the body will be particularly appreciated by the male Fish. Thus while scouring for the perfect gift for Pisces men you can look at comfortable socks or stylish footwear. If you know this guy well, you can even gift him a luxurious foot massage or a pedicure at his favorite spa.

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