Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius CompatibilityAquarius is the sign seen as ruling the New Age. Anything modern, electrical or technological is associated with it. Aquarius pride them self on the fact that they are always in touch with whatever is modern. Two Aquarians coming together will redefine what ‘relationship’ means. Aquarius plus Aquarius gives a double air element, which means a lot of turbulence. When Aquarius comes together, they don’t create a revolutionary uprising in the usual sense. But Aquarius can be sure that their energies will produce something unique.

When they walk into a room, people will feel that energy and sense. They set themselves apart from their peer group. This may be fun, but Aquarius will need to settle down and sort out what motivates them as a couple. Once this issue is addressed by them they can move forward as a couple. The couple will get lots of love and support from each other in individual endeavors as well. The bedroom is a great place for their exciting antics, unique ideas and emotional colors. This combination will offer them many exceptional experiences. Expect loads of fun and lots of way-beyond-the-ordinary activities.

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