Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius CompatibilityThe compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius will be a confluence of two opposites. The Sagittarius will be too worldly for Cancer. Cancer will shirk away from taking risks and Sagittarians will love to oscillate on luck and chance. This combination will be full of attarction but there can be no guarentee of its sustenance. The list of diversities start right from this fact that Sagittarius is a traveler and the Crab is a homebody. Both the natives think on simply different wave length. This combination will thrive on the theory of friendship that says that don’t step into each other’s life-style and still remain happy.

Sagittarius will grab every chance to wander but Cancer will prefer to stay at home. Sagittarius will be blantly outspoken and Cancer will be extremely sensitive and moody. Sagittarius will not be able to provide that ever-lasting security to Cancer. The flighty nature of Sagittarius will make Cancer insecure. Sagittarius will act on all occasions in a cerebral and intelligent manner. On the contrary, Cancer will be always cautious and emotional. The bluntness Sagittarius will often cause wounds to sensitive Cancer. Cancer will try all ins and outs to hold on tightly Sagittarius who loves to seek stimulation away from home.

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