Gemini woman in a love relationship

Relationship Gemini WomenWhen you meet a Gem­ini woman you are likely to become enchanted, for she casts a spell bet­ter than any other zodiac sign. How­ever, when it comes to love rela­tion­ships, they have a touch of the casual even when Gem­ini female becomes deeply involved. Many men agree that Gem­ini women are fas­ci­nat­ing as lovers but at the same time they are too dif­fi­cult to fig­ure out. When you are in a love affair with a Gem­ini woman con­sider the dual­ity of this astro­log­i­cal sign (the Twins) and you won’t be so con­fused. One of her Twins needs love and secu­rity, while the other one needs nov­elty and stimulation.

This pleasure-loving woman has a connoisseur’s appre­ci­a­tion for a really inter­est­ing man. You won’t see her in a rela­tion­ship with a dull man. When love goes out the win­dow, Gem­ini female doesn’t waste time won­der­ing where it went. She knows that in order to fall in love again, she must for­get hav­ing been in love before.

As lover, the woman born under Gem­ini zodiac sign has an end­less sex­ual curios­ity. She expe­ri­ences sex­ual desire in her mind long before it becomes real­ity. If you are in a love rela­tion­ship with a Gem­ini female keep in mind that she is change­able and rest­less. Some­times she is not sat­is­fied being in rela­tion­ships with just one man at a time. Her dual­ity demands more than one man can usu­ally pro­vide. The man she has feel­ings for should ful­fill all her needs on dif­fer­ent lev­els : emo­tional, men­tal and sex­ual. And this is not easy to pro­vide. If you are able to do that, how­ever, Gem­ini woman will be a faith­ful and devoted lover.

Under­neath her vari­ety of masks, there is a solid, endur­ing per­son who shows her real face when she is in love. Gem­ini female can become quite pos­ses­sive with the man she adores. How­ever, this woman’s qual­i­ties are more than enough to attract any man. The only ques­tion is if they suc­ceed to keep her inter­ested in them and if they are capa­ble to ful­fill her var­i­ous needs.

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