Emotional Compatibility AstrologyEmotional Compatibility

This emotional compatibility is between the friendliest sign and the most unfriendly one. When Aquarius will show unrelenting and pounding emotions, Cancer will simply have his/her heart in the mouth. Aquarius will have an understanding of everything under the sun except the emotional and sentimental needs of Cancer. Their won’t be much emotions in the emotional compatibility. This chemistry will not last very long. Cancer would crave for cuddling and snuggling all the time but Aquarius will have his feelings elevated on to the level of friendship or intellectual level. This will bore both the natives.

Aquarius will be always self-absorbed and Cancer will get offended by mistaking this with his neglecting him. Both the natives should try to strike a right balance between their stances and measure each other’s depth of emotions. Aquarius will always be gasping for the breath of fresh air in terms of independence. Cancer will be warm, friendly and open-minded person whereas Aquarius will be cool and not very open. Cancer will be highly emotional and Aquarius will have intellect work for him.