Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius CompatibilityThe compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius would lack the most important aspect, and that is understanding. Cancer will be far too sensitive for the Aquarius. Aquarius will find it irritating when Cancer will cling to them unnecessarily. Aquarius will, most of the times, behave in a aloof manner thus making Cancer insecure.

Aquarius is a sign that loves to stay lonely whereas Cancer needs lots of persons around him who will render a secure feeling. So this compatibility has not much to offer for this combination. Aquarius will be self possessed and self centred whereas Cancer will be warm and responsive. Aquarius’s temperament will be full of impatience and unpredictability thus making him detached for Cancer.

Whenever Cancer will act clingy and stiffling, Aquarius will complain. Both natives have very less in common so it will be tough for them to handle the match. Cancer will find it difficult to tie down a stubborn Aquarian to a stable routine. No amount of emotions or reasoning will make a difference.

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