Characteristics of Taurus child

Cuddly and affectionate, a Taurean child is usually a quiet baby with rare outbursts. The most important need for him is to be loved and appreciated. While Taurean boys have a good physique, girls are completely feminine in terms of both behavior and body type. They are soft at heart and would require an enduring love, otherwise can fall prey to feelings of inferiority. Taurean children are very practical in their approach and would look at everything with logic and reasoning.

The trait of stubbornness is there in a Taurean right from his childhood. Nobody can compel a Taurean kid to do things he dislikes. He is the master of his own will and would do only what he wants to do. It will be his way all the time. A Taurean child may be slow at school, but he is steady. He would not like to get noticed and being the center of attention is something that would never attract him, rather it might repel him.

Taurean children are active, bouncy and full of life all the time. They are mostly found to be more mature than the rest of the kids their age. Hardworking and determined, Taurus kids are true to their work. They are usually calm, pleasant and a little shy, but at the same time, are very close to their loved ones. A little bit of love and respect is all they want and they would follow what their parents say. Taurean kids are music lovers and get attracted to good music.

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