Characteristics of Leo Child

Leo children always want to be the cynosure of all eyes. Just like a typical Leo, they long for attention and would do anything to get noticed. Leo kids have a very friendly nature and they mingle easily with people. They want a lot of freedom, of speech as well as expression. The parents of a Leo should utilize his energy in constructive household tasks. It will not only keep him busy, but also prove fruitful in making him learn new things. Leo children want to be the sole leaders of their group. In case of competition, they might get aggressive. They need to be taught the importance of love and affection, but the process should be a subtle one. Dominating others is a major negative characteristic of Leo children.

This gives them a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. There is a great sense of self-respect and pride in Leo kids. Scolding or thrashing him would never help to change his behavior; rather you should try to teach him with love. Leo children are very playful and can always be found on the move. They are adventurous and love to play games and indulge physical activities. However, in the process, they might get physically hurt. They have a generous nature and offer their things to everyone around.

A Leo kid is fast learner, very intelligent and loves doing tough tasks. Easy household chores will never interest him, neither will menial tasks. He would like to handle those tasks that bring responsibility and control along with them.

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