The Best Gifts for Leo Men

Gifts for Leo MenRuled by the Sun and born between 22nd of July and 23rd of August, the Leo man is gregarious, dynamic and a leader. This is hardly surprising since they bear the sign of the King of the Jungle and thus like to live life king size. If you keep this one thing in mind when choosing gifts for Leo men, you are unlikely to go wrong.

Men’s Jewelry

More than men of any other sign, the Leo would be happy to be presented with men’s jewelry and given their charismatic personalities, able to carry it off too better than others. With a Leo man, you can rarely go wrong with expensive jewelry like cuff-links, rings and bracelets in precious metals like platinum, white gold or silver. And since men born under the Leo zodiac sign crave the limelight, you can go for rings with solitaire diamonds from Cartier or cuff-links studded with gemstones from Pianki. Tie-bars, money clips and key holders in gilded gold or rhodium-plate silver are other exclusive jewelry ideas that Leo men would love to show off.

Let him have the spotlight

It is common knowledge that people born under the sign of Leo are happiest in the spotlight. This is not only evident in the way they are pleased with recognition in professional and personal relationships but also noticeable in many of their hobbies and interests too. So you can really endear yourself to the spot-light loving Leo man by gifting him a membership to an amateur dramatics club. This will satisfy his urge to be in the limelight and also give him an opportunity to express his considerable creative powers. Alternately you can also take out your Leo man to a theatrical production of his favorite play or dramatist or to the opera – being the ultimate sophisticate, he loves to dress in black tie, so give him a good reason to dress up.  If all this is beyond your means, you can even look for a special night at an upscale comedy club and you may be pleasantly surprised to find your Leo guy going for the microphone and regaling the audience with an expert act himself.

Throw him a party

A Leo typically needs to be the center of attention, whether at home or the workplace. Even though Geminis too like having people around them,  a Leo man gets greater satisfaction by being a leader of men, the driving force in a boardroom, the toast of the artistic world besides ruling any other social situation. And what better way to cater to this desire than to throw him a party on his birthday or to celebrate a promotion at work. Ensure that most of his followers, co-workers, subordinates are invited along with friends and acquaintances since your Leo man loves holding court. However keep competitors and rivals at work off the guest list since you don’t want anything to clash with the vanity and self-importance of a Leo. Above all a party for a Leo man should have lots of good food, lively music and grand décor to get it really rocking – don’t expect your Leo man to help you clean up after the party though, since he is much more comfortable playing the generous host or the gregarious guest instead of a conscientious  helpmate.

Bar accessories

If you think that planning a party for a Leo man would be too much trouble or if you don’t know him well enough for that, you can still find a gift that will appeal to generous host in him. A Leo man is typically fond of inviting people over and hosting large parties which is why stylish bar accessories can be a great gift idea. You can choose from mixers and bottle labels in different materials or even go for relatively more expensive crystal glassware to complement the fine wine he serves to his guests and friends. In fact if you resources permit, you can even throw in a bottle of fine wine as well like those which come from old vineyards and which have aged well or one of the limited-production wines which are the favorite with the rich and discriminating. Some of the most exclusive wines are the Chateau Le Pin Pomerol from Bordeaux, the Petrus Pomerol and Romane Conti which smells of spices, berries and leather.

Make a statement

People born under the sign of Leo are charismatic and vivacious which is why they appreciate gifts that are extravagant and flamboyant. The ultimate gift to seduce a Leo man would be of course a sports car in flaming red or perhaps a luxury mobile phone in gold, diamond and platinum like those that are custom made by Stuart Hughes. If this is way beyond your resources, you can look for men’s accessories which will highlight the love of drama and style that your Leo man possesses. A silk scarf in midnight purple or a pair of shades from the house of Gucci might be just the thing to help your man make statement when he steps out of his home. A gold pocket watch or sophisticated gold lighter would also be good choices since Leo rules gold. Accessories like leather belts, watches and sunglasses from other luxury brands like David Lean, Prada, Dolce&Gabbana are other gift ideas that are sure to appeal to Leo men.

Fine dining

Apart from fine wines, exclusive dining is yet another gift option if you are looking to impress your Leo man. While a sign like Taurus is also a foodie, his tastes would lean more towards the wholesome and hearty instead of the Leo who would be more attracted to the luxury quotient in rare and expensive foods. If you are treating a Leo man to a home date, have some cold champagne with a good label on ice nearby, some lightly toasted bread and a tiny jar of imported caviar on a silver tray with your best china and crystal. On the other hand if you are dining out, see that the restaurant you have chose in reputed not only for its food but also for its service and ambiance since few things impress a Leo guy as markers of luxury and exclusivity.

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