Zodiac Habits – The Signs Hugging Their Lover

The Signs Hugging Their Lover

Aries: you’re walking out of class when you hear someone yell your name. You turn around and stumble from impact, but they’re holding onto you tightly. “I MISSED YOU!” Even though it’s only been a period.

Taurus: they look down at you and smile gently. They wrap their arms around you, squish you against them a little, and you feel them smile against your head.

Gemini: they didn’t *reallyy* want a hug, but they got one anyways. Not soon after you let go, they’re grabbing you again to pull you in for a kiss.

Cancer: mega cuddly. Their sweater smells like tea, and you can’t help but bury your face into their chest. They hug you for a long time.

Leo: you feel your face burn, they’ve been teasing you like crazy. You hide your face in your hands and try to calm down, when you feel their arms circle around you. They’re surprisingly warm and soft. “I’m sorry, ____ I love you!”

Virgo: they’re shaking, they’re always nervous around you. They fidget with the collar, and you smile just looking at them. They look up at you and blush, and ask to hug you before they do.

Libra: the sweetest, but also the shortest. Their warm smile invites you in, and you hug them feeling completely comfortable in their embrace, until you feel them pull away.

Scorpio: almost sexual. They hug you in a way that you can feel their entire body pressed against yours- you’re blushing, thinking of what they’re doing to you. “Are you okay? You’re red.”

Sagittarius: they smell like peanut butter. They tell you that your hair is messy and it gets in their face. You listen to their complaining, and go in for a hug anyways. You’re surprised but completely delighted when you feel their hands grace your back as well.

Capricorn: they smell very strongly of the (perfume/cologne) they wear. They don’t just hug, they also press your head against theirs. A hug isn’t a hug without a kiss, too!

Aquarius: it doesn’t seem like they want a hug, but right after you let go, they’re reaching for another one.

Pisces: they rest their head on you, they breathe you in and relax around you. They’re so soft and pleasant to hug.

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