Leo and Capricorn CompatibilityThe compatibility of Leo and Capricorn will be promising and better mostly because both the natives are far too engrossed in their ownselves to disturb each other’s tranquility.

If Leo will hold the rein of this relationship, everything will work out wonderfully for this association. Leo might get bored with the Capricorn’s careful and enterprising ways as this can affect his ego. When it will come to Capricorn, Leo will disgust him/her for for wasteful and flamboyant attitude. The Capricorn’s reserved nature will not be appreciated by Leo’s desire to be admired.

Capricorn will not render the fodder for the inflated ego of Leo. Both would consider each other smarter. These two signs are very diametrically opposite. The fiery nature of Leo and the humble nature of Capricorn will not blend well. While Leo will be warm and bubbling with great desire to communicate and being expressive, Capricorn will be sober and realistic in his/her approach. Capricorn will not be comfortable due to Leo’s brilliant and attention seeking nature as this will make him/her less confident.