Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Leo and Pisces CompatibilityThe compatibility of Leo and Pisces will be full of illusions. For Leo this is a detrimental relationship as both the natives are going to feel an unlikely attraction. Pisces will not have very pleasant times in this relationship as Leo will be too outgoing for him/her. Leo will always be on the lookout for public acclaim whereas Pisces needs a sheltered life. Both the signs will demand more in this relationship and give less to each other. If both want to develop an enduring relationship they must match their emotions and general temperaments in a balanced way.

The combination of these two natives will not be very easy one and some big differences will keep on cropping up every now and then. Pisces reflects the most spiritual aspects of human nature who aim for selflessness and idealism. On the contrary, Leo, are always in effort to boost their ego, and looking for materialistic gains.

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