Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

The signs of Scorpio and Taurus are attracted to each other with great polarity and dynamism. But their fixtured temperament can cause difficulties. The stubbornness of Taurus and jealous nature of Scorpio is not going to yield any positive result. Although this opposing attitudes might be positive as stablity and loyality of Taurus will supply enough satisfaction to Scorpio and his intense nature. Both the signs will seek long term unions and will be willing to spend considerable time together.

The opposing natures of Taurus and Scorpio have still many similarities in each other. Their determination and ambition is much of a consideration. Their strong willingness will render great compatibility. Although Scorpio will act too overbearing and possessive for Taurus. Taurus will need to exercise plenty of tolerance for such nature of Scorpio. Scorpio will act thrifty at times with intermittent bouts of laziness. Taurus will want to spend on comforts and act obstinate. The theory of ‘opposite attracts’ works here also as the powerful and magnetic appeal of the Scorpio makes him/her irresistible for Taurus.

The initial interaction of Taurus and Scorpio is going to be overwhelming. There will be waves of passion that will sweep off both the signs off their feet. Scorpio will also feel attracted towards Taurus in same way with positive compatibility most of the times.

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