What People Think The Signs Are and What They Actually Are !!

What People Think The Signs Are

(what people think): Bossy, cocky, hyper, chatty, optimistic
(what they are): Insecure, under-pressure to succeed

(what people think): Stubborn, lazy, boring, opinionated, introverted
(what they are): Afraid of change and the unknown, sensitive, cut-off

(what people think): Chatty, know-it-all, nosy, hyper, shallow, joyful, stress-free
(what they are): Has relationship problems, lonely, moody, self-discouraged

(what people think): Complicated, unpredictable, sulky, possessive, clingy
(what they are): Cut-off, lonely, resentful, pessimistic, depressed, sensitive, nostalgic, shy, insecure, observant, intelligent, peace-loving,stubborn

(what people think): Bossy, attention-seeking, spoiled, ambitious
(what they are): Sensitive, warm-hearted, easily hurt, needs to be needed

(what people think): Cold, know-it-all, perfectionist, picky, honest
(what they are): Deep, over-analysing, orderly, ambitious, wants a purpose and to thrust, sensitive, wants to be appreciated

(what people think): Attention-seeking, popular, chilled out, spoiled, eager to please, indecisive, push-over, fake
(what they are): Peace-loving, confused, insecure, resentful, fearful, emotional

(what people think): Detached, cold, penetrative, manipulative, dominating, secretive, mysterious
(what they are): Misunderstood, chaos-fearing, emotional, intense, jealous, resentful, fear of failure, cut-off, unthrusting, intense lover, passionate, greedy

(what people think): Optimistic, foolish, nosy, reckless, irresponsible
(what they are): Well-adjusted, don’t care what people think of them, adventurous, fun-loving, happy, hate selfishness

(what people think): Bossy, shallow, manipulative, gloomy
(what they are): Insecure, needs to prove their worth, lonely, self contained.

(what people think): Know-it-all, independent, weird, stubborn, confusing, push-over, wisecracker, manipulative, arrogant, special little snowflake, detached.
(what they are): Wise, observant, collected, honest, open-minded, kind, intelligent, questions why they’re so different, wants to be appreciated.

(what people think): Mysterious, weird, intense, junky, strange, pushover
(what they are): Thrusts their instincts, sensitive, unable to reject, considerate, brings bad luck onto themselves, emotionally unstable, spiritual, imaginative

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