The Secret Tips and Love Advice for the Taurus Man

Secret Love Advice Taurus ManWhen you find out that the man you are interested in was born under the sign of Taurus, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you have the patience for what is ahead. You are embarking on a potential partnership with a force of nature.

The Bull is the second sign of the zodiac and represents our relationship to the material world. A man who is born under this sign considers the material aspects and rewards on all projects, and he is always working on one of two types of projects: profitable or potentially profitable.

No matter what your Taurus man is doing, he is thinking of how to make money or how finances are impacting his day-to-day world. As you spend time around him, though, this is not a manifestation of greed as much as it is a need for certainty about where the world is taking him. If you partner up with a Bull, his deep loyalty will include you in this big picture of where financial security is leading you both.

Taurus men are notoriously consistent. This has its high and low points. You can really rely on your man to keep his composure. When he alters from his usual routine, you will know things have truly changed.

The biggest complaint about Taurus men is that they are boring. They repeat daily patterns ad infinitum. On a positive note, they are rarely flighty, which allows their partner to take on a more fluid role. Their solid connection to the way the world works is a blessing on the long-term stability of your love relationship. Choosing a Taurus man as a partner will lead to a life of practicality.

Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Read below to see how a girl with your zodiac sign gets along with a Ram man before you decide to lock horns. 


Aries woman, your ability to articulate the visions that a Taurus man sees will create an unbreakable bond between you two. There are opportunities for you to build something meaningful together. Many people benefit from your love and commitment.


The two of you may have too much energy to contain in one relationship. If you have different interests and spend time apart, the time together, Taurus woman, could have a physical intensity that is difficult to ever top.


A Bull might be living the life the Gemini woman dreams about. Can you dare to make the leap into his world? Are you in love with him or with your illusion of having what he possesses? Be clear, for you will have to submit to the Bull’s natural possessiveness.


The Taurus man may tempt you, Cancerian woman, as he offers you entrée into a world you could otherwise only imagine. However, if the chemistry is not there, you will be pulled away as his approval of you signals your worth to other men.


The best thing about you two is that the tension will either quickly drive you apart or glue you together in an inseparable bond. There is no middle ground here, Leo ladies. The passion is intense, and may manifest as hatred as easily as it turns into love.


The travels to places that you enjoy will be where you fall in love with a Taurus. The question always looms between you two, though, “Can he live in your world and can you live in his?” The answer is yes, Virgo woman, as long as the chaos of love continues to flow.


The Libra woman might experience an initial dread of this man. He will seem disconnected from the things you value. And then suddenly, he will have you in the palm of his hand. How did this change of heart occur? You didn’t realize he was seducing you from day one.


The Scorpio woman is the karmic partnership sign for a Taurus. You will learn more about yourself in a relationship with a Bull than from any other sign. Approach this man with an earnest desire to contribute to a partnership. The reward of self-awareness will be transformative.


Your ability to get him to serve you will be the initial attraction. But do not become resentful when you suddenly realize that he is running the relationship and that you are on your hands and knees making him feel good. You might even find this to be fulfilling, Sagittarius woman.


Capricorn woman, is there a reason you are holding back in your pursuit of this man? Perhaps you realize that love can be avoided with your naturally fickle state, but that passion will keep you completely under his spell. Find a happy medium between individuality and submission when it comes to him.


Aquarius woman, oil and vinegar could take notes from you two on how to stay apart. There might be such a fantastic dislike of each other that you both start to enjoy it. And then, the moment may come, when you just cannot live without your Taurus man, the opposite of everything you want, the center of your universe.


Pisces woman, there might be so much for you two to talk about that you never quite get down to the physical side of a relationship. This is a classic karmic friendship relationship, and do not be surprised if you have him much more intimately than anyone else, even without ever being physically intimate with him.

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