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The marriage between Leo and Virgo will have to be handled with balance and equilibrium. In this marriage, Virgo will be the scapegoat because he/she will slide into taking too much of selfless service. This will be taken for granted by Leo. Leo will find that Virgo will be bugged by this lack of appreciation. Likewise, Virgo’s tendency to look at things in microscopic detail could drive Leo bang head against the wall.

There are some positive features in this marital compatibility. Virgo will love warmth and passionate ways. Although Virgo is excessively prim and proper for Leo, still there will be wonderful intimate moments between the Leo and Virgo couple. For Virgo everything needs to be perfect in this relationship. Leo might get irked by this perfection.

Leo will enjoy sharing some fine times together but minor tiffs and clashes will rock this marital tie harmlessly. Leo will prefer to make his/her marriage fulfilling with fun, warmth, openness and spontaneity. So Virgo needs to be little adjusting and be prepared to bow to some of Leo’s bossy ways to make this marriage work.