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Virgo will feel hesitant in expressing his/her professional advice when working with Leo. But Leo will be all domineering and proud in this association. The compatibility of professional relationship of Leo-Leo will be affected due to Leo’s infamous pride and Virgo’s approach of being always critical. Leo will be very contentious and exhibitive in his/her approach, whereas Virgo will work under the surface and will avoid being in the limelight. This relationship may work well if both of them are ready to accept each other’s professional stance. Both should learn important and positive traits from each other.

Virgo should teach the lessons of humbleness to his/her Leo partner and Leo should teach to be expressive and daring in business deals. This compatibility has brighter chances of success than the other combinations. Virgo will do the work properly and will seek admiration from the Leo counterpart. Leo will get the job done at any cost, and Virgo will admire this quality. Although Virgo will very often good qualities of Leo, Leo also need to remember that it’s important to respect Virgo and his positive traits too.