Relationship Leo WomenWhen Leo woman is in a love rela­tion­ship all she wants is praise. You need to ignore her short­com­ings (she doesn’t really think she has any) and focus on her virtues. If you hope to get any­where with a Leo woman, you bet­ter begin by accept­ing her inalien­able right to be mar­velous. You may go on from there to a more real­is­tic rela­tion­ship, but that’s the foun­da­tion stone to build on.

If you are in a love rela­tion­ship with a Leo female it would be wise not to show her that you admire other women as well. As far as she’s con­cerned, she’s a cos­mol­ogy of one. The mere sug­ges­tion that she’s in com­pe­ti­tion with other women turns her off com­pletely. Leo woman thinks she is above that sort of rivalry, and she is actu­ally a bit afraid of it. She can’t be a loser, and one way to avoid being a loser is not to get into the race.

When it comes to love rela­tion­ships, you’ll hardly ever see a Leo woman with­out a man in tow, and often sev­eral. There is some­thing about her con­fi­dence that daz­zles and attracts. She wears men as other women wear jewelry—to embell­ish her image—and rarely lacks for admir­ers. Most descrip­tions of a Leo woman make her sound hope­lessly self-centered. It would be more accu­rate to say that she has an intense drive toward self-realization. Leo woman feels she was born to be some­one spe­cial, and she must express this feel­ing in her rela­tion­ships. Hap­pily, she finds enor­mous self-expression in love.

When it comes to love affairs, Leo female gives her heart with­out reser­va­tions. As lover, Leo woman is extremely roman­tic. Although Leo women are mar­velously sen­sual crea­tures they don’t like kinky vari­a­tions. They thrive in mar­riage, but their part­ners may feel over­whelmed at times. It is not easy being atten­dant to a queen, and this woman can be tyran­ni­cal. The worst love sce­nario is when Leo woman mar­ries a man she can dom­i­nate. In this love rela­tion­ship she may get total sub­mis­sion, but that is too lit­tle com­pen­sa­tion for the full and deep kind of love she needs. If you are engaged in a love rela­tion­ship with a Leo woman, just give her all your admi­ra­tion and affec­tion. You will never regret it!