Emotional Compatibility AstrologyEmotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Leo and Virgo will ask for lots of patience and tolerance from Virgo. Virgo will work extremely hard to keep feelings and emotions well inclined and tending towards Leo. It will be slightly confusing for Leo, when Virgo will ask for gratitude and appreciation for all his/her contributions to this relationship. For Leo, these are the rights and what he deserves. This match has fifty-fifty prospects of crossing the thresh hold of short-term. The Leo will be very outgoing and energetic.

When paired against plain Virgo, he/she will act overbearing and bossy. Leo will drive Virgo crazy by being excessively demanding and dominating. Leo will be always order around Virgo, telling what to do etc. Virgo, at one time, will feel like, rebelling and refusing to be dominated by Leo. This equation can lead to some tiffs. Virgo may initially be attracted to Leo but the long-term association may begin to take toll on Virgo girl’s nerves. This can be feasible relationship only when both the signs will stop trying to change each others.