Marital CompatibilityMarital Compatibility

Principally speaking, the natures and temperaments of Cancer and Leo are dissimilar. Inspite of being diametrically opposed, the marital compatibility of these two natives will have a strong planetary connection that will perfectly balancing their individual principles. The outcome will be a promising marital compatibility of Cancer and Leo.

The opposing temperaments of Cancer and Leo will act in both the aspects. They will passion up their mutual self as well as dampen the fire of ingenuity. Both the chances are possible. Both should let each other live with their individuality and do not judge or control with any trace of prejudice. In this marriage connection, Leo must soften his/her attitude and do be in a dominating spirit always. This marriage will work only if the duo are willing to give space and liberty to each other else there will be ego clashes that will mar their marital bliss. The physical aspect of the marital compatibility of Cancer and Leo is definitely going to be intensely passionate. The energies of both Cancer and Leo will blend well and stimulate their emotions and passion.