Emotional CompatibilityEmotional Compatibility

This emotional compatibility has fifty-fifty percent chance of working. This emotional compatibility of Cancer and Leo will all depends on effort level of both the signs. It will also depend on the fact that how much both the natives are willing to work at the relationship. There will be plenty of passion and intimacy in this compatibility. Cancer will act mushy and will be very lovey-dovey with their Leo partners. There will be plenty of positive emotions in this compatibility only if both the natives are ready to adore and compliment each other. But they should be very cautious not to hurt each other over their weaknesses. Cancer might get suspicious towards Leo’s flirting ways.

Leo will have to make Cancer understand that its just innocent joviality and nothing serious. Their opposites are definitely going to attract. Cancer will act very emotionally towards his/her home, family, loved ones, parents and especially mother. You will be both moody most of the times, but a little bit of adjustment will make them get along wonderfully. Leo will be very generous, materiastically as well as emotionally. Leo will shower his/her 100% attention to make Cancer feel secure. Cancer will also enjoy the authority and dominence of Leo. Cancer will just enjoy by being laid back and let Leo be the boss in all decision making. This is emotional compatibility will be very promising only if the two natives understand each other well.