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    Relationship Leo Man

    Leo man falls in love read­ily, and then finds it hard to sus­tain the emo­tion. For him, falling out of love is as sim­ple as falling out of bed. Leo man sees love in prac­ti­cally mythic terms. For him a love rela­tion­ship is never minor or mild; it is rather a high drama. No one else in the zodiac can make you believe more eas­ily that you are the first, orig­i­nal lovers in the world. The woman who wins his heart moves instantly to cen­ter stage. The spot­light is on her, she radi­ates in the bright cir­cle of his admi­ra­tion. Then sud­denly the lights are turned off, the play is over and she doesn’t under­stand why. The love affair usu­ally ends when Leo real­izes that he has been in love with a crea­ture of his imag­i­na­tion — a beau­ti­ful ador­ing princess com­pletely ful­filled by him. When the real woman super­sedes the myth, Leo man vanishes.

    When Leo male is in a love rela­tion­ship he expects his lover to cater to his every whim. Yet he would be sur­prised to hear him­self described as demand­ing. Leo man doesn’t see him­self that way at all, but rather open­hearted, trust­ing, ask­ing noth­ing but what he is enti­tled to. A true demo­c­rat, he believes every­one is equal—equally ready to serve him. Deep inside, how­ever, Leo man as lover is sen­si­tive, vul­ner­a­ble, and needs reas­sur­ance and praise.

    When it comes to sex rela­tion­ships Leo men won’t voy­age beyond the far­thest lim­its to find a new con­ti­nent of sen­su­al­ity. They are cau­tious nav­i­ga­tors who stick close to charted waters. The good news is that women will never end up with sunken wrecks when they are in bed with Leo men.

    When it comes to rela­tion­ships, if you rub his mane the right way, Lion male will be a lov­ing and cheer­ful lover. Leo man is kind, strong, gen­er­ous and usu­ally suc­cess­ful in busi­ness. All these traits make him very seduc­tive and many women will be attracted to this native.

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