Romantic CompatibilityRomantic Compatibility

Characteristically, the romantic compatibility of Cancer and Leo is a good one. The ruling planets of Moon (Cancer) and Sun (Leo) are well in tandem. The Leo will very often stabilize and soothe the moods and tantrums of Cancer. Cancer will love the generosity, big heartedness and romantic strength of Leo in their love affair. Leo will exude stability to the shaky and shifty love of Cancer. There will be a feeling of reliance and dependence in the romantic combination of Cancer and Leo. Cancer will love the superior attitude of Leo and will let him/her rule the romantic stage.

Leo will be largely dominant, in physical as well as emotional aspect. The submission of Cancer will give enough importance to Leo’s romantic expression. Leo is definitely going to like it. Their romantic life is going to be magical and very expensive. Both lovers will indulge in many romantic pursuits such as traveling, shopping, partying and socializing with common friends. Leo will be over active, thus tiring Cancer but without any trace of boredom. Cancer must praise Leo often to keep him/her happy and cheerful. The sincerity of Cancer and Leo towards each other will keep them happy in their romantic paradise. Leo will keep Cancer always on toes and not in one place for very long. Their intimate romantic are also going to be very expressive and very inventive in quality. Both the natives are going to be innately involved in their love affair.