Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo CompatibilityThis compatibility will be boiling hot as the emotions will hold a prominent place on both the sides. The Leo will often prefer to be the center of attention. This can make Cancer feel left out or neglected in this relationship. The attention and importance seeking nature of Leo will intimidate Cancer who very shy and sensitive Crab. This alliance does not fit into the category of suitability. But their connection can complement them as the bright and bubbly temperament of Leo will complement temperamental Cancer needs.

The opposites of both the natures will maintain a counter balance wherever required. Leo will render fieriness and strength to the unconfident Cancer. Cancer will have to shower Leo with a lot of flattery and admiration to keep Leo content. Their diverse outlooks towards life will be a perfect antidote for each other. Most of the times, both the signs are going to augment each other’s attitude. The enthusiasm and confidence of Leo is going to lift up the sagging spirit of Cancer. Cancer will surely feel better and upbeat in the company of his/her Leo partner. Equally, the perceptive and devoted disposition of Cancer will make Leo feel loved and wanted.

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