Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

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This relationship will be subject to changes of moods, routine and attitudes. Many personal readjustments will have to be made on both sides although these may not be easy to achieve because Aquarius is independent and stubborn about personal ideas while Capricorn can never fathom why Aquarius sometimes becomes unpredictable and capricious. This behavior undermines Capricorn’s desire for stability and security. The first thing that the careful Capricorn has got to find out is whether unusual Uranus or safer Saturn rules their Aquarian amour.

If it is that ringed ruler Saturn, then the Aquarian in question will be so saturnine they’ll seem similar to the gorgeous goats. If the Aquarian is activated by unorthodox Uranus, this twosome will get together well. So it’ll be a relationship of extremes for a Uranus ruled Aquarian and a careful Capricorn, but if the water carrier’s guiding light is Saturn, they’ll be kindred spirits. What the clever Capricorn must never forget when they’ve found one of these water carriers is that Aquarians of all shapes and sizes need some adventure and excitement to perk up their lives.

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