Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

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Capricorns are really serious-minded folks. They are one of most practical people around. They can’t bear anything that is illogical and nonfactual. Even they like their jokes to be practical. Most of the times, they seek to live safe and secure lives, and that’s what makes them ‘money-minded’. The only people they care for in the world are: people they love and business associates. Aquarius does everything when people least expect it, that might shock the people. To Aquarius, a thing is reasonable if it adds to the understanding of the world, no matter what other people might think. They are never afraid of two things, first, outcomes of the crazy things they do and second, what other people will think of him.

They make their own social customs and set their own rules. They live in their own world, that’s why these people sometimes look so strange and unreal. Aquarius have in common a most curious and inquiring nature. While the Capricorns are still trying to reach the mountain peak of their ambitions, however, they avoid foolishness and stupidity of all kinds. The Aquarius, on the other hand, do things they want to do. Doing something that might be sheer foolishness to someone may be a genius effort to the Aquarius. One of the areas of conflict between these two is that Capricorns will never accept anything without rigid scrutiny, often through negative criticism. They can’t believe the unbelievable. Everything they do or talk is very meaningful and based on strong fundamentals.

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