Reason Why I Love The Moon Signs

Why I Love The Moon Signs

Aries moon: you’re vivacious and wonderful and passionate and you focus this energy towards things that you love.

Taurus moon: you make sure that you can be dependable and you always have a good heart and kind intentions above all else.

Gemini moon: you’re so intellectual and open-minded and sociable that your personality can sometimes be magnetic (when you’re not being repelling).

Cancer moon: you just want to protect everyone and help all your friends at all costs and your strong emotions can be endearing at times.

Leo moon: you’re full of energy and spark and you can draw people towards you with your glowing aura.

Virgo moon: you know how to get shit done and you don’t usually ask for much or set unrealistic expectations/goals.

Libra moon: you’re always the peacekeeper who gives helpful advice to everyone they meet and you’re a social butterfly.

Scorpio moon: you’re artistic and you have strong emotional convictions that cannot be swayed and there’s something to admire about that.

Sagittarius moon: you’re naturally hilarious and you just want to live your life on your own terms just having fun and shit

Capricorn moon: your realistic and practical approach to life is needed sometimes. Also, even though it takes a lot for you to let someone in, you truly value those in your life who are.

Aquarius moon: you somehow always seem to know what you’re doing and you have strong passions aided by your logic and i love that.

Pisces moon: your heart is sentimental and you’re (probably) fundamentally selfless and self-sacrificing with many of your friends/family members/lovers/etc.

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