The Best Gifts for Capricorn Men

Gifts for Capricorn MenBorn in between 21st December and 20th January, Capricorns are stolid, deeply responsible but also intensely ambitious. These traits mark both their personal and professional lives which is why the best gifts for men of this zodiac would highlight their social success and material worth.

Fine jewelry

Though Capricorn men like to dress on the conservative side, if your gift consists of the right kind of jewelry, they will be more than happy to wear it. This is because men of this zodiac tend to place a high value on the material worth of things – to them it is not so much about how much a gift costs in terms of dollars but the fact that a piece of fine jewelry is associated with good taste, rare gemstone or precious metals. Thus you can look for Cuff-links, rings and bracelets in precious metals like platinum, white gold or silver; only make sure that they come in clean designs and are fuss-free since Capricorn men would recoil from anything ostentatious or showy. Understated elegance is what will best appeal to them in matters of accessories and jewelry.

Power equipments

Along with possessing a keen sense of responsibility, Capricorns are industrious and hard-working. Like the Mountain Goat that symbolizes this zodiac sign, a Capricorn man will keeping pushing one foot after another until he fulfilled a task or achieved what he set out to do. It is a mix of these qualities that make Capricorn men such a common feature in the highest echelons of the corporate world. For leisure too, Capricorn men like to engage in physical labor or sustained endurance-heavy sports, such as mechanical work and bicycling. A great gift for such a man would thus be something that allows him to do his favorite work more efficiently. A wind-resistant helmet for your biker  boyfriend will allow him to ride farther while power tools would be just the thing for the man interested in home improvement. These gift items not only express his physical sturdiness but also cater to his purposeful lifestyle. Thus when choosing gifts for Capricorn men, keep your focus on tools that have multiple uses since these are much more practical as compared to specialized tools designed for a single purpose.

Organizational tools

Yet another quality which makes Capricorns the master managers of the world are their organization skills. Along with a tendency to take responsibility, they also have a knack for planning and the gift of mental clarity which helps them to go about their tasks in an organized and purposeful manner. Thus any gift which further hones their organization skills would be highly appreciated by a Capricorn man. For this purposes you can choose a laptop, a netbook, a digital calendar or something that will combine several functions into one like PDA or Personal Digital Assistant. If you wish to pep up the style quotient how about going for a luxury watch for your Capricorn man? Such watches go much beyond the practical function of keeping time – they are in fact one of the most definitive expressions of an upper class lifestyle. Luxury watches come either in quartz or automatic movements. The former are ideal for the aristocratic look while the automatic ones can be both casual and dressy. TAG Heuer, Movado, Gucci and Omega are some of the most exclusive names in watches which conform to the craftsmanship as well as reliability expected in luxury watches.

Money gifts

Capricorns tend to hold the material worth of a thing in high regard; thus a gift with a money theme will be appreciated by men of this zodiac. You can look for something like  money clip engraved with his monogram or a wallet made of fine leather. Other options could be a coin machine that sorts and rolls coins or a bank with an electronic meter that displays how much money is inside. In fact you can trust a Capricorn man to welcome gifts of money, gift cards or even stocks and bonds.

How-to books or videos

Since Capricorns are rather solitary in nature, they tend to be avid readers. Thus books could make for great gift choices to men of this zodiac – only ensure that they are not about magic realism, sentimental fiction or abstract philosophy. With Capricorn men, the best choice in books would be how-to guides or those giving practical information on some particular activity or hobby. If he enjoys carpentry, try getting a book that details how to make items that are simple and useful, such as furniture. If your man prefers, you can also go for DVDs on a whole range of practical information related to hobbies, crafts and even professional tips like on preparing resumes or looking for better job opportunities.

Workplace accessories

Give a fillip to your Capricorn’s professional ambition by buying him something stylish and useful that can be used at the workplace. A desk organizer with multiple pockets or a leather portfolio engraved with his initials would make particularly coveted gifts. Diaries, pen cases and key ring holders are other smaller products in the same genre.  Gift items from luxury brands like Pineider, Underwood London, Jack Georges as well as Caran d’Ache are not only handcrafted from the finest leather but come with exclusive fit and finish that are sure to appeal to men as discriminating as Capricorns.

Club memberships

A Capricorn man is largely conventional and holds in high esteem the traditional symbols of power and success, whether in personal or social life. This combined with the desire to succeed materially often encourages him to keep company with people in high places. Thus if you can afford it, gift your Capricorn man a membership to an exclusive country club or a high-profile golf club where he can develop business contacts and strike lucrative deals. If however your pockets don’t run so deep, you can treat him to a black-tie affair like the opera or a fund raising dinner attended by the movers and shakers of the corporate world. He will not only look forward to networking with such high-profile people but feel happy simply soaking in the atmosphere of a distinguished event.

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