Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn CompatibilityThe combination of Cancer and Capricorn is polar opposites. There can be plenty of initimate chemistry within opposites also but here the scenario will be somewhat different. Capricorn will not have time to show his/her affection to Cancer. Capricorn is going to be so much occupied with the work, almost upto the extent of being a workaholic. Inspite of being opposites, their bonding is going to be well. They will provide each other exactly what they need. Capricorn will provide security and Cancer will render trust to this relationship. Cancer will be primarily shy and sensitive with great need of care and affection.

Capricorn will act and behave in a domineering way. This pair will be an epitome of contradictions in terms nature, behaviour etc. Only if they overcome there diversity, this combination has agood chance. Capricorn will be too career oriented and Cancer will love and prefer to stay at home. The emotional demands of Cancer will be irksome for Capricorn and Cancer will also be subjugated by Capricorn’s aloof behaviour. Cancer is diametrically opposed to Capricorn, who is very materialistic and money-oriented. Capricorn aims for material and financial achievement whereas Cancer has a simple and intuitive approach.

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