Friendship Compatibility for Pisces and Pisces using Astrology

Pisces and Pisces CompatibilityA relationship between two Pisces is the combination of two people with strong emotions and sensitivity. Pisces communicate with and understand each other wonderfully. They relish in their friendship, and are perfectly satisfied with each other. Both friends love beauty and harmony, and are devoted to their relationship.

The gentle and mild character of Pisces makes them ideal for each other. The fish is soft natured, could be easily tricked, and is easily affected by its surroundings. The friends could turn out to be overly sensitive and lazy. Pisces, in general, don’t like dealing with problems and challenges, and find out ways to evade them. However, others find Pisces flexible and easy to work with, and adaptable to any friend.

The ruling planets of Pisces are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter represents philosophy; and Pisces tend to place high value on principles, and have a philosophical outlook of life. Neptune represents dreams, illusion, and disillusion; and is responsible for Pisces’ affinity to fantasy and dreams, and their abstract nature. Pisces love to serve their friends, and enjoy attention from each other. They adore enjoying the simple pleasures of life together.

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