11th House: Who Are Your Friends?

The 11th house is the House of Friends. It reveals to you how you approach matters handling friendships as well as what we look for in friends. The latter is what I’m writing this post for. Don’t worry if the sign the cusp of your 11th house is on is not accurate. If you have any planets in the 11th house, you can check their ruling signs too.

11th House Aries

AriesYou like having friends who give you courage and are often being brave themselves. People who know what it means to have fun and be one’s self are desires in friends often held very close to the hearts to holders of this placement. Aries is ruled by Mars, so you may have some friends who are aggressive and float their sense of self on the very surface of their skin. This can either excite you or cause problems among you and those friends. But of course, you can appreciate anyone who stays by your side.

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