Sagittarius Career and Money Tendencies

Career and Money SagittariusWhen it comes to career issues, the Sagittarius set of needs is very generic – constant change, constant challenge and the freedom to express one’s ingenuity. In addition, they are also known for having a great variety of talent and potential. So like all other sun-signs, you will find people of this sun-sign in many walks of life. This last need for freedom of expression is particularly strong in them. They hardly have a problem with tense situations and deadlines, but they definitely need a free hand in carrying out their duties in a manner of their choosing. If this doesn’t happen, if they find their bosses sticking their noses into what they consider to be none of their business, and especially if they consider their bosses imbeciles with power, they will find it very hard to reach the pinnacles of their capability.

The characteristic liveliness of Sagittarius can be expressed in two different ways – in terms of physical vigor and enthusiasm or in terms of intellectual and imaginative stretch. Sometimes the two can be seen in the same person, if only in different points in his life. He might start out as a physically capable person putting in a lot of energy in meeting up to challenges, and the learning with experience to become a strategic player who tackles the intellectual side of problems. This brings us to another aspect – the wonderful thirst to learn throughout one’s life. Sagittarians seem to be full of it – they have this eternal student inside them on whom not even a single lesson of life goes waste. They look at their job and career as a continuous flurry of opportunities to learn and perfect themselves, rather than breaks for greater achievement or accumulation of wealth. For them, it’s a process. And for this very reason, they are not just ready for challenges but they actually turn everything into challenge.

Here, the Sagittarius can be seen as someone who is versatile and at the same time restless. As a result, they want change, but sometimes the change might just be for the sake of it. In such situations, they need to ask themselves if the change is actually warranted, and if they are changing things just to add to their versatility, then have they got a good enough grip on the job that they are presently in to add anything to their versatility?

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