Leo and Libra Compatibility

Leo and Libra CompatibilityThe compatibity of Leo and Libra will be full of fascination only if they let their ego go away. Libra’s sophistication and Leo’s talent call for a wonderful pairing. But both the natives will be quite extravagant and wasteful. Overall this will be a good union as both follow similar lifestyles and attitudes. The dazzling temprament of Leo will find a good tandem in the refined nature of Virgo. Together, Leo and Libra, both will constitute a nice pair. See how their diverse natures will compliment each other. Where Libra will be indecisive, Leo will take the charge. Both the natives are extravagant and love beauty and luxury.

Each will try to get the most attention during meetings with their common friends. Both Leo and Libra are social personalities and love to be in company of people. They have a very broad view of life and thus are very adjusting. They could even be described as great flirts. People feel drawn to them. This will make them be good friends with each other.

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