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Libra Man

A Libran man can answer all your questions, but he cannot solve the puzzle of your typically girlish dreams. He likes to maintain a balance in everything he does and that includes love too. If you have been captivated by him once, there is a minuscule chance that you will be able to leave him. Even if try to back off, he will convince you with such persuasive arguments that you would be left with no other option, but to stay. He will cover the contradictions of his behavior with such charm that you will be entrapped once again, with nowhere to go.God help you if he smiles! You will fall in love with him again. Don’t blame yourself; the smile of a Libra male is so captivating that not even his enemies can resist it. Now, when you are totally enamored, you are bound to forget your own existence. His charm will result in you seeing his dreams and his happiness being your utmost priority. The first thing you will notice about him is that he finds it very difficult to make up his mind. If even after much deliberation, he has been able to do that, he may change his opinion in a split second if he thinks he made a mistake.

If you really want to fight him, turn your back towards him while fighting and stuff your ears with cotton. If he looks at you with that smile of his and starts his convincing arguments in that smooth tone, you won’t stand a single chance of winning. As far as romance is concerned, your Libra guy will never fall short of it. He can use his pleasing manner and graceful charm and win any girl in sight. Once he wins her heart, he is not too sure what to do with it and this is when the problems start. Even if the situation demands a break up, he will always try to postpone it as much as he can.

Though he does this just to make sure that this is what is best for the both of them, he hurts a person’s feelings in the process. Even the opposite case, when he is deciding whether to propose marriage or not, is equally painful. On top of that, if he thinks he is being unfair to you, the confusion gets more pronounced. Libran men tend to confuse love with friendship and vice-versa. They keep searching for the perfect girl and if the relationship doesn’t turns out to be as they expected it, they become a little heartbroken and then move on with life.

A lost love seldom makes a deep wound in a Libran heart. It forgives and forgets. A Libra man is never interested in prying out your secrets. He delves deeper into a topic just to get a fair view of it and not with the aim of dissecting a situation. All he wants are the facts, not the personal nuances lying underneath them. He will from an opinion about your behavior, but he wouldn’t take too much pain to know why you behave the way you do. A Libran is like a judge who passes his judgments on the basis of the facts, not the emotions triggering them. He is not interested in gossip and is not the one to tell your personal secrets to anyone.

So, you can trust him with all your heart. A Libran male will listen to your inner dreams, desires and hopes. However, do not expect him to understand your silent hopes. He is not good at that and all your hopes may come thrashing to the ground. You will have to learn to live with it. At the same time, don’t expect him to take your side when you are wrong. He has built-in mechanism of being fair, even when it involves you. A Libran guy is generous with money and stinginess is not one of his personality traits.

His house will be full of guests every now and then, but he dislikes going to crowded places that are full of strangers. He likes people, but if the numbers become too large, he becomes uncomfortable. If you are planning to get married to him, develop the habit of keeping the house neat, clean and full of good fragrances. A Libran guy cannot tolerate sloppiness and pungent cooking smells make him feel depressed. He may be careless and shoddy himself, but you will be expected to keep yourself, the kids as well as the house attractive all the time. He may not say anything about this, but his behavior will.

Staying out till late, sleeping all the time he is at home, etc, are some of the signs that things are not right. This is something you will have to analyze and correct. Otherwise, you may lose a very devoted, generous, fair and pleasing husband, who has a smile that can melt any heart. As a father, a Libra male will teach his kids the sense of fairness, discipline and debate. He will dote on them, but they will never come before you. His fatherly affection won’t overshadow his romantic feelings for you. Just remember to take initiative in the relationship, keep him loved and nourished and he will always keep you warm with his captivating smile!

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