Characteristics of Aries Child

An Aries child has a strong, active body and mind. Attention-seeker, he would do anything to get noticed. Right from crying to yelling to doing impermissible acts, he would do anything and everything under the sun to make you take notice of him. He is always beaming with energy and can prove to be hard to control, being near you one moment and running away the other. Being an Arian is synonymous to taking charge of things and leads, and this trait is visible right from the early years.

Aries children are fast learners because of their unquenchable urge to know about things. This inquisitiveness and curiosity makes them usually walk and talk early. They also tend to ask a lot of questions, which should be answered meaningfully lest they ask for more. Such kids may get difficult to handle at times and require constant disciplining to make them behave in a dignified manner. Aries children would do things as they like and hate to be ordered. To make them do things your way, you need to provide them with a challenge.

An Aries child is usually quite popular and confident with their peers, attracting them with his charisma. He has a vivid, practical imagination and can achieve much in a short time. An Arian kid is very affectionate. Hugging, giving a sweet peck on cheeks, etc are some of the ways through which he displays his affection. He is generous with his toys. Brave, courageous and adventurous, an Aries child tries to everything his own way and in the process, may sometimes get into trouble.

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