Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo CompatibilityThis combination is going to quiet a headache for both Gemini and Leo. The natives of this combination are going to feel high and dry once deep into this combination.

For Gemini this is not one of the best unions as he/she would be considered very incompetent and frolicsome by Virgo. Gemini will have a very boring and bland image of Virgo that is going to put them off in their company.  It is very unlikely that two are going to ever sit for a heart to heart talk for long time. Virgo will be primarily critical in his and Gemini will be insensitive. This combination will not have a good compatibility because both Gemini and Leo will follow different approach to life. There similarities will lie in the fact that both the signs are different. For Virgo, Gemini is absentminded and extremely immature. And for Gemini, Virgo is a fuddy-duddy and a bore stiff. Virgo’s analytical nature will make it appear as indifference.

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