Aries and Sagittarius CompatibilityThe combination of Aries and Sagittarius brings forth a fiery and courageous scenario. The natal charts of both Aries and Sagittarius are quite similar hence spell fireworks in this combination. Aries and Sagittarius show fickle mindedness and hence need to furbish their attention span quite off and on. The association of these two playful sun signs also has a sweet innocence that keeps them enjoying each other’s company through out their life.

The horoscope of Aries and Sagittarius show that their ruling planets, Mars and Jupiter respectively are very forthcoming and liberal. This augments a crystal clear relationship between them. The most interesting aspect is this that both of the signs reflect some of the qualities of the each other. Hence there is a wonderful existence of communication between them. There’ll is never a dull moment between Aries and Sagittarius. This keep the Aries amused as he gets along the chance to prefer the exhilaration of usual predictability. Both of them look forward to enjoy variety as the spice of life. Both of them being energetic signs, they enjoy adventurous activities together.