Marital Compatibility AstrologyMarital Compatibility 

In the marital tie of the Leo and Libra, Libra will be handling the situation with mediation and balance. There will be minimal arguments or disruptions in this marriage because Libra loves peace in the life. Leo, on the other hand, will be direct and rash attitude with no over-bearance. Leo will be honest in this marital tie, but he/she should try to be more polished and refined. He/she should learn better ways of presenting the truth. During domestic discussion, harsh words of Leo may be scratchy to the subtle and sensitive ears of Libra. There will certainly be a romantic attraction between both couple with combined energies of their ruling planets, i.e. Sun and Venus.

They will be noticeable couple with lots of charisma and energy oozing out of their marriage. Their marital association will also bring lots of good luck combination in their lives. The best feature of this marriage will be their ability to communicate with each other on all sorts of topic.
The common interests of Leo and Libra will include socializing hosting parties, dinners and other functions at home. Their domestic life will simply be speckled with social gatherings and activities.