Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer CompatibilityThe overall compatibility of Aries-Cancer is not very favorable. The Aries has to make extra effort to make this relationship last. This relationship needs to be driven as it will not happen by itself. Cancer has ascendant lord of moon and that of Aries is Mars. This combination creates a situation where Cancer triggers a great sense of responsibility in Aries. But there are also strong chances that Aries will feel tied down. Cancer augments the scenario concerning Home and property matters.

They are also favorable where long term relations. Cancer being associated with Moon has extra polarity towards Mars thus initiating physical attraction between them. Cancer exudes a settling effect on Aries. They encourage Aries to settle down and save for hard times. While Aries inspire Cancer, Cancer has a calming effect on Aries. A compact and balanced amalgamation of virtues of Aries and Cancer zodiacs can lead towards a fine relationship. All the ferocity and independence of Aries gets a positive and judicious channel through Cancer’s practical guidelines. The compatibility of natal charts of Aries and Cancer is definitely good but there might be propensity of resentment every now and then.

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