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The emotional compatibility of Leo and Libra has positive hopes of lasting and becoming strong. Both Leo and Virgo are outgoing, social who seek to send their lives with excitement and exhilaration. Both the natives love being the star of the show and they will have a great time together. While Leo will be in love with beautiful things, Libra will also reflect similar feelings. Leo and Libra will enjoy laughing and trying new things together. There will be zest for life in them that will guarantee absence of any drabness or staleness in their emotional equation. Their emotional chemistry will dazzle and sparkle.

The only probable drawback of this relationship is that Leo will be a bit possessive. Libra will hate to be clingy and will seek liberated space.

This match has very good possibilities for everlasting positive feelings. Their emotions and vibes will work well together. The generous and affectionate nature of Leo will get well matched with similar temperament of Libra. Both the signs will seek attention and mutual consideration. They will share a positive emotional chemistry that will make their relationship sizzle.