Make The Best Impression When Each All Zodiac Sign Meets Your Parents

When it’s time to meet your S.O.’s parent’s, you know things are getting serious. You’ve survived the first date jitters, delved deep into the sexy honeymoon phase, and you’ve both come to the conclusion that this isn’t just some passing fling. Once you meet the parents, you’ve started something that can’t be undone. You make an impression on their closest loved ones that can make or break your entire relationship. If their parents fall just as in love with you as your partner has, the sound of wedding bells may start ringing in your ears. If the meeting ends up being rockier than ideal… well, you have to ask yourself whether or not you can coexist with their complicated kin. Regardless, how you are when you meet the parents, according to your zodiac sign, will probably sound all too familiar.

Even though every single sign in the zodiac is capable of impressing the parental units beyond belief, not all energy is compatible. Since my Cancer rising and Gemini sun combination has led me to being an offbeat mix of shyness and caustic cleverness in the face of an S.O.’s intimidating parents, I know all about that awkward tension that can form in such a meeting. If you’re about to enter the lion’s den yourself, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Work on displaying your vitality, enthusiasm and sparkle without allowing your competitive instincts to get the better of you. If you disagree with views being expressed, don’t feel you have to mount a full-scale challenge. Leave that for another time.

You have exquisite taste and a good eye for decor, fashion and food, so be lavish with heartfelt compliments. Whatever happens, don’t make negative comments — even if you feel your hosts could do a better job of decorating!

You certainly won’t have any problem keeping conversation going — you get along quite well with almost anyone upon first meeting. Just try to listen — as well as talk — and steer clear of telling iffy jokes in case they don’t go over very well.

You adore families and will be enchanted with the possibility of acquiring a new one. Show your nurturing side by lending a hand in the kitchen. Just don’t give in to competitive twinges if your lover dotes on your hosts and doesn’t pay you the usual amount of attention throughout the visit.

You’ll definitely want to put on a good show and be ready to entertain. Just remember, however, that parents don’t want a performance; rather, they want to see the real you, so let your warm-hearted side shine. And be sure to allow them center stage since it’s really their party!

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