Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Taurus and Gemini CompatibilityThe highlight of the compatibility of Taurus Gemini is that Gemini contains a spirited memory of the missed out opportunities due to Taurus’ undue watchfulness.

The Taurus once convinced will seldom, if ever, go back on his choice. His inborn attitude toward involvement displays entirety. This sturdy behavior of Taurus will also see through even through the Gemini’s unexpected hurricanes of anger or tornados of emotion. A Gemini native gets quickly bored with the similar things or person.

This doesn’t mean faithlessness. For Gemini this just means examining the nuances of emotional facets. But for Taurus there are only three dispositions of affection, contentment and fury. A Gemini secretly wishes to get more displays of whims, careless excitements and emotional roller coaster of Taurus.

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