Aries woman in a love relationship

Relationship Aries WomenIf you fall in love with an Aries woman, you’ll never lack for excite­ment. But are you the kind of man who can han­dle a full-blooded inde­pen­dent, pow­er­ful female? This pas­sion­ate, intense woman can’t give a tepid response. As a lover, Aries woman is a fully stocked fire­place, with logs, kin­dling, and paper, wait­ing for a match to set her on fire. When it comes to love rela­tion­ships, Aries women usu­ally get what they want.

When a man meets an irre­sistible force like her, he tends to become a highly mov­able object. When she is first attracted to a man she throws her­self into the enthralling game of see­ing how fast she can cap­ture him. One of the peak expe­ri­ences of an affair is the begin­ning of the stalk. Aries woman is fas­ci­nated by chal­lenge and the more aloof you are, the more she wants you.

A love rela­tion­ship with her is not easy. She wants free­dom, total togeth­er­ness and ecstasy all at once. Aries woman as a lover has an enor­mous need for love and gets more than her share. No man becomes her lord or mas­ter. She meets a man on equal terms. If he offers loy­alty, she repays him in kind. If he is untrust­wor­thy, she also repays him in kind. Basi­cally, in her rela­tion­ships with men Aries woman is dom­i­neer­ing. You can either accept it or leave. If you stay, you’ve made the first con­ces­sion on a long road. At the end, you’re likely to find you’ve been shaped and molded to fit her image of what her lover should be.

When Aries woman is engaged in a love affair, she doesn’t want a lover who has too many other inter­ests. She wants all of him—or noth­ing at all. There is an impor­tant dis­tinc­tion to make about her jeal­ousy that may be use­ful in help­ing to under­stand her char­ac­ter. Aries woman isn’t jeal­ous because of a feel­ing of inse­cu­rity (the root cause of most jeal­ousy), but because she has to be the num­ber one. She usu­ally finds hap­pi­ness in long-term rela­tion­ships. She enjoys shar­ing every­thing with her lover. She is a highly affec­tion­ate lover who exudes mag­net­ism and sex­u­al­ity. Every sex encounter (even with the same lover) takes on the drama of a con­quest. Aries woman as a lover will also be your staunchest ally, fight side by side with you, and believe in you.

How­ever, when she does not feel she is loved by her part­ner she can become shrill and demand­ing. Aries women won’t tol­er­ate being neglected. When this female is in love she wants to be under­stood and appre­ci­ated for her unique qual­i­ties. Just give her the admi­ra­tion she needs and you will have a great love rela­tion­ship with Aries woman.

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