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    Scorpio and Scorpio CompatibilityThe male and female Scorpios are completely opposite but both have strong desire and deep attachments. Both suffer from inner insecurity until they mutually begin to trust and depend on each other. Scorpios are ruled by Pluto the farthest planet from the Sun and asks us to look at our truth and our power. Scorpios are often filled with lovelorn feeling when in company with the other Scorpio. Both the natives take time to overcome this feeling of insecurity.

    Scorpio can adjust very well in the association of another Scorpio. These two people who are so much alike understand each other very little. They are highly jealous and demanding. They are so intense that every little storm quickly becomes a hurricane. Both are sulky, brooding, and possessive. Both are in a continual struggle to force the other to relinquish control.  

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