Marital Compatibility AstrologyMarital Compatibility

The marital compatibility of Cancer and Cancer will be primarily based on care sensitivity and demonstration of affection. Both the natives will both feel secure and loved with a wonderful romantic reverberation between them. The Cancer couple will enjoy spending time together at home while cooking, gardening and doing romantic nuances around the house. Their intuitive feelings for their own selves are going to be so strong that they are immediately going to guess that what is going on their partner’s mind. The marital compatibility of Cancer-Cancer combination will be quite good lest both of them learn to control their moody bouts and emotional instability.

There will be strong marital connections between these two natives as if they are destined to be in each others life. The double presence of Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer, will work against their basic compatibility. As a result, they might overreact to each others’ ideas and sayings. After marriage, parenting and children are going to be their prime concern. Sometimes their highly unstable emotional states can spin out of control and cause minor frictions in this marital tie. Their physical relationship will hold prominence with great mutual attraction.