Emotional Compatibility AstrologyEmotional Compatibility

Being of same sign and temperament, there will be considerable emotional crises in this relationship. Both would have to put in great and positive effort to see the brighter side of their emotional compatibility. Initially this match will take off at a better note. But there will be certain emotional issues that will trouble the natives intermittently. In the beginning, they will find it nice to be with someone who is similar in nature.

Both will be extra sensitive and render plenty of reassurance to one another. But at the same time, it is very easy to feel hurt on both sides. When the two Cancer will team up, the smooth sailing is not a hundred percent guarantee. The duo will care deeply for each other and share plenty of wonderful moments but they will be, primarily, ruled by their individual emotions that can call for instability. Actually there is going to be so much in common that it is going to call for trouble. Both will be over-sensitive, demanding and intensely dependent.