Romantic Compatibility AstrologyRomantic Compatibility

The cancer couple will have a lot in common and this is going to be the prime causer of their trouble. Their habits, attitudes, nature and temperaments are too similar to be bliss. Both the natives will experience suffer unnecessary compassion and care for each other that their romantic connection will appear somewhat strange. Both would have the desire to take the center stage their love relationships. But since this in impossible, there will be disapproval and emotional clashes every now and then.  During romantic moments, both will take every vow and swear taken to be the literal truths. Their impractical love-approach will cause them regular hurt and turmoil. They will expect from each other a great pampering and acknowledgement of their love and care.

When such is not going to happen, they are going to be traumatized.  The two Cancer lovers will spend a lot of time together and also go splurging over love-shopping. But suddenly there will be petty squabbling over menial issues. Nonetheless, the physically attraction between them is going to be great and sensual. There will be a deep, intense and tempting sensual romantic connection in them. Inspite of their fear to lose each other, they will often desire to dominate and control the relationship. They should not let their ego clash cause them any pain. No doubt, the romantic compatibility of Cancer and Cancer calls for great benevolence and shared thoughtfulness.